From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Need to Dedicate This To a Mighty Warrior I Know...

She knows who she is...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Happens When a Person is Riddled by the Army?

Someone shows up in their home with a tazer and a billy club....  No matter how much the person screams, "what are you doing here?" or their neighbor shouts, "you cannot be here!," the person's lack of knowledge that the "protective order has been rescinded," is nothing more than a source of amusement for their abuser.  The abuser CAN be there, he CAN threaten the person and their German neighbor with a tazer and a billy club... the Army says so... it isn't a crime unless he actually touches the person with the tazer, or he swings the billy club at the person...  Threatening the person, firing the tazer in the air, holding the billy club up, filming the person's terror, that's amusement for the person's abuser which the Army won't do anything about.  The fact that the behavior is in front of two small children, who are also terrified is not a factor either. This behavior does not meet the criteria for the commission of a crime, according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the Army will take no action.  A two star general will put that in writing... Want to see proof of that?  I have a copy of the letter...

Riddle Me This...

When is a protective order issued by a commander in the United States Army not worth the paper it is printed on???  When it is "rescinded" by the issuing command but the "protected" person is not informed that the "protective order" has been "rescinded."

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Don't Know Why Every Time I Am So Disappointed

I am an older person, I've been around the block a time or two, and one would think I would have grown accustomed to, accepted that, military commands often fail to act honorably.  You would think that I would have come to the place where I could acknowledge within myself that my illusion of honorable leadership does not consistently exist in the United States Army.  I see it all the time within the lower ranks.  Many of the most honorable and courageous people I have ever been privileged to know, make up the ranks on the officer and non commissioned officer side. Somewhere around the rank of lieutenant colonel, those I can respect begins to diminish rapidly in numbers.  Something about climbing that career ladder seems to subtly begin to corrupt, or as in the case of some who have always been corrupt, rear confidently a defiance of "honor at all costs."

I have long been involved in the work toward eradicating the injustices routinely committed toward those who find themselves the victims of Military Sexual Trauma.  I have worked in Washington, written on the subject, and I never miss the opportunity to stand united with the victims of this life devastating crime.  I have seen their sad eyes...

I Saw the Sad Eyes 

I saw the sad eyes of women who had been betrayed,
By those who from honor, never should have strayed.

They could not have known what would come to them,
 Integrity was pledged and they believed without a whim.

In a dark hour their faith and loyalty was shattered. 
Their lives, without regard, left broken and tattered.


Time seemed strangled and unable their injuries to mend.
To go on with life seemed to have nowhere to begin.

Then in chorus the sad eyes looked around in panic and pain,
In a moment they knew other eyes revealed the same stain.

 Hearts united and power and change came with more ease,      
 The weakest were lifted first by the women from their knees.

Words and tears were shared and brought balm to their soul wounds.

Slowly in unity they overcame, and the living of lives resumed.

 I saw the sad eyes of women who had been betrayed. 
By those who from honor, never should have strayed.


Now I have stumbled upon a new kind of victim of the defiance of justice within the military.  It is the military spouse who finds themselves the victim of domestic violence perpetrated by someone serving in the military, in the midst of a command which can care less.  I am going to be writing extensively on the situation as it continues, while offering all the support that I can to my new friend.  She has suffered much, but the German government is becoming involved, and as I watch that process, I am much encouraged.  At the same time, I find myself dismally disappointed, once again, in the attention and accountability displayed by the United States Army toward this matter.  I will keep the names and identities of those involved confidential, but they will each recognize themselves.  Stay tuned, I am once again writing generals...  Tomorrow, disappearing reports...

 The woman next to me really liked what I said...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How Lovely the German People Are

I have met so many lovely people since I arrived in Germany!  The neighbors come to our house to welcome us to the neighborhood, the people at church make the effort to speak with us in English, and even the people I meet in the shopping centers are smiling and friendly.  Of course Chance is our own little Ambassador, making friends wherever he goes.  He has become so social, wanting to warm up to everyone, and make friends.

This morning our landlord visited, what a gracious and delightful person she is.  She brought gifts, told me some of the history of the house we are living in, and met with her architect and his associate, also both very gracious, concerning a problem in one of the basement rooms.  

We shared coffee and a fresh red velvet cake with butter pecan cream cheese icing.  It was such an enjoyable time with new German friends.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm Moving to Germany FromTexas!: Germany, You are Going to Love My Barbie Doll Coll...

I'm Moving to Germany FromTexas!: Germany, You are Going to Love My Barbie Doll Coll...: I have always loved toys, especially dolls, and playing with them.  Now you might think what is an almost 63 year old woman doing playing w...

Packing Up Some of the Barbies for the Move to Germany

I am leaving some too, to do their job of giving a little 
vacation to the little girls of military families.
This doll is one of my Barbies from the Designer Collection 
from Mattel, whose design is from Bob Mackie.