From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do Not Miss This It Will Be Good!

                          There are snakes and other dangerous things out there.

Friday, September 12, 2014

There Are Snakes Out There In The World

I don't like any of them...

I was walking around outside barefoot last night,... in the dark.

I just wanted to roll the windows up on the truck, it was going to rain.

Then this morning , first thing, the ranch hand 
killed this Cotton Mouth on the deck of the porch.

I won't be rolling up my windows in the dark, while barefoot, again!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Love This Little Girl So Much!


I don't know why they all insist on growing up~

The Harvest Continues

The harvesting of the cotton continues in the field next door...
As I watch the process, it reminds me of a poem that I wrote...


Young Women With Dark Eyes and Dark Hair

Who are these young women with dark eyes and dark hair,
With beauty that runs so deep, and courage rare?

om what cloth were they cut, and where was it woven?
Who was the Artist from whose mind the colors were chosen?

 Of what fiber is the cloth and thread made,
That forms their true hearts which when they were bade,

By whispers to their souls of service to their country and us all,
Without hesitation bid them answer that call?

The fibers from which those threads took shape,
Were grown by the people of their nation who do not hate.

The seeds were planted in the soil by their fathers.
Then the fibers were collected at harvest by their brothers.

The thread of hope was spun by the hands of their skilled mothers.
None gave heed to the threats of others.

Then they were woven by their sisters, whose lives will be forever changed,
By the steps that they take and the destiny they arrange.

Finally from the Artist's hand, priceless treasure, a gift from Afghanistan,
Came to the people of the world who desire only with honor to stand.

Their mark and place in history their names will take.
When their life's work is made for the peace that lies at stake.

Who are these young women with dark eyes and dark hair,
With beauty that runs so deep, and courage rare?

Go To This Site For Important Information on the Islamic State

I find this site to consistently provide real information on the situation in Iraq, as well as accurate information on significant issues the world over.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Love Fall, It Is Harvest Time

There is a field on the property next to ours, and every year it produces a crop.  Sometimes it is corn, sometimes it is cotton.  This year it is cotton.  It looks like it has been a great year for the cotton in South Texas!

You can see the white cotton boils in the field in the left of the picture.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Matter Where You Live, or What You Believe, They Are Coming for YOU!

I am publishing a link to a story that keeps me from sleeping.  This breaks my heart, and as difficult as it is to publish this, I have to, for the sake of us all.  Evil has boiled up from out of hell, and it is shaking it's fist in defiance of the entire world!  We must do all we can... prayer, and doing whatever God lies on your heart is not optional...  These Yizidi women and girls are growing too tired and brokenhearted to go on. 

The terrorists have given these women and girls their cell phones, and then  encouraged them to tell all the world what is happening to them.  Of course the reason this is being done is to strike fear in YOUR heart.  Their message is: they are coming for you, and you will embrace what they tell you to embrace, live as they tell you to live, or die...

As the young 17 year old girl expresses, many things are worse than death!